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Epicurean PuzzleBoard® systems more than meet Health Department requirements for food prep surfaces. In fact, PuzzleBoard® systems exceed these requirements by providing chefs with unsurpassed usability as well as resistance to bacteria because of their unique non-porous surface. PuzzleBoard® systems can be custom-made for new prep areas, or they can replace existing, worn-out, one-piece High Density Polyethylene boards.

An upgrade to Epicurean PuzzleBoard® systems from your current system is simple. Use this sheet to note your custom measurements, and we’ll fabricate your surfaces so that they perfectly fit your cutting area and break down easily for your dishwasher

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PuzzleBoard®s are designed to break down and fit into dishwashers, then fit back together to create a surface large enough for commercial prep lines. These dual-sided boards are heat and stain resistant and require no maintenance.



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Upgrade your kitchen with these food preparation surfaces. Epicurean Cutting Boards offer the best of both wood and plastic in one functional surface. These food preparation boards are easy on knives, and won’t harbor bacteria. They are dual sided, resist staining, heat resistant to 350°F, dishwasher safe, and maintenance free. 


Epicurean Standard Cutting Boards offer the best of both wood and poly in one functional surface. These food preparation boards will not dull knives or harbor bacteria and resist staining. They are heat resistant to 350°F, dishwasher safe, and completely maintenance free. Each two-sided surface is fashioned with a hole for convenient hanging storage. The ⅜-inch thickness gives these cutting boards a solid and substantial feel, while maintaining easy handling.


Epicurean’s Sheet Pan boards fit perfectly into standard full-sheet, three-quarter-sheet, and half-sheet pans. Juices and liquids can flow away from your food and collect in the pan, keeping your cooked food from getting soggy and slippery. The Sheet Pan Boards are ½” thick, so they can take any amount of abuse you throw at them, which we back up with a limited lifetime warranty. All of the boards can be cleaned in any commercial dishwasher.

* Sheet Pans Sold Seperately


Eliminate any cross-contamination and comply with FDA and HACCP guidelines with these color-coded boards. These lightweight and durable boards can be fit with colored, silicone non-slip feet that will indicate which type of food should be prepped on the board. These boards are also dishwasher safe.

* Color Coded Feet Ordered Seperately



There’s plenty of room on this giant board for breaking down primal cuts of meat or whole fish. Our Butcher board boasts over 900 square inches of work space and features a juice groove on one side to keep any juices off your counter. The integral handle makes transporting this beast easy. 


Our Big Block Series is designed to live on the countertop. With a tapered edge that beautifully reveals a cascade of our laminated composites, this super-durable block is ready for years of any cutting, chopping or preparation task. All Big Block boards feature nonslip silicone feet.



Built to handle the big jobs, the Chef Series has a larger surface area and thicker profile than our Gourmet Series, but features the same integrated juice groove on one side.